Dasmarias City Medical Center. is the inscription written in the institutional logo of Dasmarias City Medical Center established in 2012. The composition of the said logo includes a purple cross, the rod of Aesculapius and letters DCMC.

Purple is the unanimous color chosen by the institutions founders for the cross placed in the logo. Purple depicts the color of good judgment and happiness. At Dasmarias City Medical Center, the basis of care will depend on the good judgment of the healthcare professionals which will yield happiness to its clients by promoting customer satisfaction. The rod of Aesculapius found in the green circle is a symbol which signifies that the institutions purpose is to promote health and healing.

The letters DCMC written within the green and white circle is the acronym for Dasmarias City Medical Center, the functioning arm of DCMC. A circle shape symbolizes infinity and equality.

Healthcare services to be rendered at Dasmarias City Medical Center will be provided infinitely, holistically and equally among its valued clients.